What Are You Wearing Tonight?

Condom Couture showcased clothing and accessories made out of male and female condoms, condom wrappers and condom boxes. Dreamers Godfrey Kambewa and Pacharo Mtonga pioneered an innovative and engaging approach to educating urban youth about HIV prevention, as well as changing perceptions on condom use and safe sexual practices. The fashion show was designed to encourage people, especially women, to take control of their sexual health and feel more comfortable buying and using condoms, as well as negotiating their use. Interspersed with dance, music, spoken word, and condom demonstrations, the show unequivocally asserted that women who carry condoms in their purses, keep condoms in their rooms, and insist on using condoms, are not "loose" but smart, strong and fashionable. The show’s title – What Are You Wearing Tonight? – suggested we should pay the same attention to our health and our safety as we do to how our dress and appearance. De-stigmatizing condoms and their users, by presenting condoms as high-end fashion that can be flaunted without shame, ultimately reduces embarrassment about using protection, which in turn reduces the spread of HIV.