“SWD changed my mindset! It made me to have a positive mind towards life and exposed me to a World of possibilities. I learnt not to limit myself, and that one can do so much with little resources” says Frank Sumani a SWD alumni from Domasi College of Education.

29 year old Frank Sumani was a SWD dreamer in 2012-2013 from Domasi College of Education.

“Under students with dreams, together with two Co-Team leaders Francis Muhati and Hilda Lamani we implemented a project called Free Litter Zone, a project that was aimed at keeping Domasi community clean by training DCE students, primary school teachers and learners on appropriate litter disposal. This project was implemented at Domasi College of Education Community; Domasi Demonstration and Government Primary Schools in 2012-2013.

“In a bid to avoid environmental pollution, we imparted knowledge and skills in these learners on recycling bio digestible papers into usable materials such as classroom bins and teaching and learning materials which curb the scarcity of these materials in schools.”

Frank further explains the impact that the project has had on his personal and career development.

“Through the course of the project, I learnt a lot of skills and I was imparted with a lot of knowledge. The things that I learned during students with dreams in project management, team work and leadership have had impact in my life that is very significant.

“The SWD program gave me a chance to bring my dream to life- I always wanted to make a change in my community and through the DCE Litter Free- Zone Project I was able to bring that dream to life and help make a difference in my community by creating a health friendly environment, while also helping to conserve the environment. I was also able to encourage creativity in young people as the project required the students to get involved in the process of recycling papers and production and decoration of the materials from the disposed papers.” Explains Frank

Frank is now a Secondary School Teacher and has been writing books in English Language. Frank has also continued to be a leader in his school and community and he advocates for litter-free environments in his school and community.

 “I also learnt that a dream can be made into something big. Before joining students with dreams, I always wanted to write a book but I never took steps towards doing so. Joining Students with dreams helped me to realize that I can do anything that I want to do so long as I have the dream. I then started writing my book, so far I have written a book called “Grammar usage and Mechanics” and about complete another book in English language as well. This was inspired by my taking part in the Students with dreams programme.”