In celebration of International Day of Persons with Disability, we’d like to share  with you the amazing work Arts For All is doing.

Arts for All is a  2012-1013 students with dreams project implemented by Domasi College of education students Andrea Kadam’manja Frank Kaliati and Paul Dziko. The project aims at empowering primary and secondary school students living with disabilities to shine and show out their artistic skills, promoting self-expression and challenging negative perspectives surrounding disability.

“As a musician and a person living with disability, I realised that there are many young people living with disabilities who have many distinct talents, but lack a platform in which they can develop and show-case their talents. “Arts for All” provided just that, a platform for the students to develop their artistry, a platform for them to express themselves and also to showcase to the world their talents.” says Andrea Kadam'manja.

During the SWD year, the project was implemented at Montfort School for the Blind and Mary View School for the Deaf in  in Chiradzulu District. After graduating from the Students with Dreams programme, the Arts for All project continued to impact more lives of youth living with disability in Malawi. This year, the project has been implemented at Chilanga Primary and secondary Schools for the Blind in Kasungu district.

“It is amazing to see the impact that the project has had to the young people living with disability in Malawi. The project managed to achieve its major goal in all the schools that it has been implemented and the levels of interaction and confidence among the students living with disabilities at these schools increased enormously. This is why we decided not to bring the project to an end. We plan to reach out to more schools in Malawi and impact more lives through the project.” adds Andrea

“I believe that everyone, regardless of their disability has so much to offer to the World through different platforms. The Students with Dreams Programme helped me to bring this dream to life. Apart from that, through the process of training the students my skills as a musician have also developed and am now a much better musician.

“Right now, I am confident to face the World and I can see that my career is looking very bright. This confidence has been instilled in me because of the decision I made a few years ago to be part of this brilliant programme Students with Dreams. My hope is that the programme reaches out to more youth in Malawi, so that they can also bring their dreams to life.” concludes Andrea

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