From Dreamer to Mentor: Getting Oriented

Mentorship is a critical part of our Students With Dreams youth leadership programme. As Dreamers develop and implement their own social change projects, they benefit not only from one another’s input and support, but from the guidance of experienced Mentors. Each year, Mentors are selected from the previous cohort of Dreamers, so that they can pass on the knowledge, skills and experience they acquired through the programme.

This May, we welcomed four new Mentors: Abel, Salome, Michael and Mercy, all exemplary 2016 Dreamers from DCE and MCHS. They kicked the year off with an all-day participatory training full of games, activities and role-play. Sessions focused on facilitation, communication, anticipating and tackling challenges and assessing strengths and weaknesses. Above all, training explored what it means to be a mentor and emphasised the difference between leading one’s own project and having the self-restraint to step back and empower others to lead. Over the coming year, our Mentors look forward to sharing their knowledge and experience, while sharpening their own leadership and management skills.