It's Never Too Late to Go Back to School!

The University Students for Adult Education Fund (USAEF) was established in 2011. Inspired by Credo who participated in the MAKE ART/STOP AIDS Project and decided to go back to school due to her interaction with college students, Joseph Naphini, a university student, realized the need to help her and other adults who dream of completing secondary school but are struggling financially and/or do not have the moral support and confidence to do so.

USAEF operates in the Makwapala area, where the MAKE ART/STOP AIDS Project took place. It selects adults who are determined to go back and complete secondary school, pays 60% of their fees, provides school books, delivers an HIV/AIDS and family planning education session, and offers tutoring throughout the school year, delivered by volunteer college students.

Apart from supporting adults from the village to go back to school, USAEF also bridges the gap between the urban university student population and rural population. It provides university students with an avenue to give back to society by helping others access the kind of education they were fortunate to have had.