Students With Dreams Gone Global

Students With Dreams is currently being offered as a course at The University of California, Los Angles (UCLA), at the department of World Arts and Cultures. The course started with an intensive orientation workshop, meeting 4 hours a day during the first week of October. In this workshop students shaped their missions, visions, goals and activities.

They created maps and came up with titles for their projects, looked into the future and defined what success will look like, and how they will measure it. In the end one team at a time, they presented their projects to World Arts and Cultures faculty.

AGHCA co-founder, Dr. Galia Boneh, proudly shared some of the SWD projects that have happened in Malawi over the years. The UCLA students reported feeling very inspired and motivated after hearing of the innovation and successes of SWD projects in Malawi. Over the next 10 weeks the UCLS Dreamers will meet weekly, following the SWD model in Malawi, sharing and brainstorming ideas and challenges, supporting one another and making sure all members of the group achieve their goals.