Meet the newest Dreamers!

We’re kicking off another round of Students with Dreams and this time around, all of the Dreamers’ projects are focused on creative freedom of expression. After hosting a couple of Dream Machine events at Chancellor College and Malawi College of Health Sciences, six projects were selected to be a part of this year’s cohort. Here they are!

Baller Kunthazi

Baller Kunthanzi (Samuel & Maya).JPG

Baller Kunthazi aims to empower girls using sports, particularly by encouraging them to participate in male-dominated sports. The project advocates for inclusion in sports, regardless of sex, gender, race, ability, and age and aims to quash the sexist mindset that girls cannot participate in certain types of sports simply because they are dominated by males.

Baller Kunthazi is Maya Kateka and Samuel Kalonga’s project.

Maya is passionate about making Malawi better. She loves to interact with people, make new friends, and learning about different cultures and ways of life. Her hobbies include playing sports, especially basketball, and travelling.

Samuel loves basketball, volleyball, and other competitive sports. He is passionate about helping other people, and even created a charity while he was in secondary school. He has a burning passion for improving the sporting spirit in Malawi. His hobbies include charity, playing basketball, and reading.

Mawu Athu

Mawu Athu (Thato & Chimwemwe).JPG

Mawu Athu works with secondary school students to create art that expresses their views on a variety of social and cultural issues, such as early marriage, school dropout, drug and alcohol abuse, gender based violence, and gender inequalities. The students use the creative arts including drama, poetry, music, drawing and writing.

Mawu Athu is Thato Mwendo and Chimwemwe Chityoka‘s project.

Thato has experience as a youth champion working at the Youth Arise Network in Zomba. He is passionate about youth empowerment and social development and aims to have an impact on Malawian society.

Chimwemwe describes herself as a vibrant person aimed at delivering excellence. She loves working and empowering young people.


Pamchenga (Ulemu, Beauty & Sandra).JPG

Pamchenga takes a holistic approach and uses the arts to improve literacy among primary school students. A departure from the traditional classroom approach, the project uses drama, art, and music to improve students’ reading and writing skills.

Pamchenga is Uleme Kanyogolo, Beauty Kambewa, and Sandra Machinjili’s project.

Uleme is passionate about human rights and advocates for social justice in Malawi. She has a particular interest in women and girls’ rights, and has worked to promote the rights of people with albinism through radio dramas. She has a keen interest in using innovative channels for social justice and believes they can empower youth.

Beauty describes herself as a vibrant young lady. She has experience working with children and hopes to grow her professional skills to be able to pursue a career working with children.

Sandra is passionate about working with children and hopes to pursue a career in children’s rights and responsibilities. She has previously worked with Save the Children and Sub Saharan Family Enrichment on projects that advance meeting the need of quality education.

Sketch Ahead

Sketch Ahead works to enhance participation and helps children to recognize art and writing as a basis for literacy development. Clubs will be formed at local schools, that will meet weekly and engage in a variety of creative assignments.

Sketch Ahead is Gollie Manda Khonje and Annie Kanyagalazi’s project.

Gollie is currently working with an organization to arrange for student sponsorship to support students in need across Malawi. She enjoys reading, movies, and music.

Annie is a creative person, and creates drawings for her friends. She enjoys watching movies and drawing.


Tiunikilane (Fyness & Deborah).JPG

Tiunikirane aims to work with people living with HIV to cope with stressful situations and feel as productive members of society.

Tiunikirane is Fyness Gondwe and Deborah’s project.

Fyness is a nursing student at the Malawi College of Health Sciences.


Kwawala (Mayamiko, Mustafa & Felix).JPG

Kwawala aims to empower young learners to speak out on GBV using the arts as a means of expression.

Kwawala is Mayamiko Kusainda, Mustafa Msusa, and Felix Banda’s project

Mayamiko, Mustafa and Felix are all nursing and midwifery students at Malawi College of Health Sciences.