Shining bright at Lake of Stars

Lots of excitement recently, as we got to take over a stage at Lake of Stars 2018, as part of our #ArtGloAt5 celebrations. We hosted the Mlambe stage, an intimate space within the festival for interactive activities, and invited artists to share their experiences, shared short performance pieces, and non-profits talking about their work. It was the first time a space like this was a part of Lake of Stars, and we were thrilled by the positive feedback we got about it. Our new friends from Skate Malawi called it, “without doubt, our favourite place at the festival.”

Here’s some of the highlights (click to read more)!

It was great to collaborate with the Mlambe project on this. They constructed the space using a sustainable "earth bag" building technique, presented on the awesome community work they are doing, and were on hand to apply glitter to the faces of festival goers who wanted to sparkle!

We also are super proud of Students with Dreams alumni project, Zaluso Arts, which created some incredible art installations around the festival grounds and helped with the marketing designs.