Art and Global Health Center Africa (ArtGlo) held its annual graduation ceremony for 38 students who successfully completed the Students with Dreams (SWD) programme.  The prestigious ceremony which took place on 14th April, 2018 was graced by the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Justin Saidi.

Students from three colleges; Chancellor College, Domasi College of Education and Malawi College of Health Sciences (Zomba compass), were awarded with certificates of recognition following successful completion of the programme. Dreamers were given the platform to showcase their projects, sharing their experiences and how they overcame the challenges they faced.

Speaking at the event, the guest of honor, Mr. Saidi commended ArtGlo for its complementary efforts in youth empowerment and addressing pressing social issues.

 “As government we are always happy to see many players coming up with different innovations to partner with us in promoting the youth and education. This is why I would like to sincerely thank ArtGlo for coming up with SWD programme. Basically, if we are to develop as a nation, we need to make use of the energy and potential that these young people have” Saidi said.

SWD aims to translate this creative energy in to actionable social change. Since its establishment in 2011, SWD has empowered 133 young people to develop and implement 45 projects in response to issues they see in society. ArtGlo recruits passionate young people and provides them with intensive training, mentorship and seed grants to realise their projects. Through this process the young dreamers develop as critical thinkers, problem solvers and collaborative leaders. We are proud to see our alumni continuing to lead the movement for social change in Malawi- whether fighting for the rights of people with albinism, inspiring girls to aspire for tertiary education or acting as an international advocate for children's rights. We can't wait to see what this latest cohort of SWD graduates achieves next!