Here's what healthcare workers are saying about Umunthu

Right now, the Umunthu programme is focusing on promoting access to healthcare for minority groups in Malawi by conducting workshops with healthcare workers. After each workshop, Community Action Plans are created and individual healthcare workers create personal pledges for more inclusive services.

Recently, the Umunthu team returned to Chiringa, Phalombe in Malawi's Southern Region to follow up on the implementation of the Community Action Plan. Here's what participants had to say.

Before Umunthu, I would prioritise helping those who had more money and looked to be more prominent than other, but now I understand that all people deserve equal treatment regardless of their background, sexual orientation, work and appearance.
— Healthcare worker; Phalombe
I pledged to treat all people equally because we all deserve health care and have a right to fair treatment, and even though I have not met any member of the LGBTI community, I will continue to stand by my pledge because we are all people.
— Nurse; Phalombe
Before the Umunthu workshop, I never saw gays or lesbians, sex workers as people deserving of any service and only saw them as useless members of society, but the Umunthu workshop enlightened me and now I understand and I am changing my attitude and pledge to help all people regardless of their work, sexual orientation and background, now I know that we are all people.
— Healthcare worker; Phalombe
I could notice the issues surrounding privcy and confidentiality where underprivileged people were denied that right at the health centres while those with more money has the right but never understood or knew how to address, I now know how inportant it is that this issue needs to be addressed because all people are equal
— HSA; Migowi, Phalombe
I learned about the gaps in communication among service providers, community leaders and committes and I have been working to share the information I learnt during the workshop to close these gaps so that all people can benefit from the leaders and set committees and end discrimination against minorities in my community.
— Community member; Chiringa, Phalmobe