Creative Freedom of Expression Goes Through the Dream Machine

As classes at Chancellor College and Malawi College of Health Sciences resume, we’re gearing up for another cohort of Students with Dreams.

dream machine brainstorm 2018.JPG

Students with Dreams is an incubator for university students to develop and implement a project aimed at creating social change under our guidance and mentorship.

The theme for this year’s projects is addressing creative freedom of expression. In order to support the students and help them to generate a project idea, we ran Dream Machine events at each eligible school.

As a part of the Dream Machine, the students came to a deeper understanding of what creative freedom of expression means, and what it means to them. They brainstormed ways in which they saw freedom being infringed upon in their communities. From there, they thought about ways that they could create a project that could be a solution.

dream machine image theatre 2018.JPG

There were a variety of activities that we used to spark the ideas and to get the creativity flowing. One of the activities was “Image Theatre,” where the students create a frozen image depicting one of the problems they identified in a small group. Then, others interpreted the issue being displayed and were given a chance to change one thing in the scene to make it positive.

At the end of the Dream Machine, the students walked out with applications in hand, buzzing with excitement and ideas for projects they could propose for this iteration of Students with Dreams.

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