An evening of art and dreams at ArtGlo

The latest cohort of Dreamers from the Students with Dreams project culminated in a fun and exciting evening of art and music at our offices last month. We were delighted to not only showcase the work that the Dreamers had done in their exploration of creative freedom of expression, but also share some music, art, and poetry from Malawi.


The inspiration for the theme for this cohort of Dreamers was that youth in Malawi are very talented and create beautiful art. However, it is not really promoted and there are few opportunities to share with a wider audience.  At the same time there are those in society who face varying social issues but have no way of getting their voice heard. The Dreamers’ projects married these ideas and gave young people the chance to target different groups in society and help them to express themselves through art.

The Dreamers from each college, Chancellor College  and Malawi College of Health Sciences, each created a performance to showcase their work. The two groups took the best from each of their projects into their showcases, using poetry, drama, and paintings to convey some of the these and struggles that their various project participants were going through and how their projects helped them to address this. The Chancellor College group used poetry from Mawu Athu which talked about the struggle of being young and how the pressures and fears can easily engulf you, but you push through to reach your goals despite setbacks. Malawi College of Health Sciences used a few photos from their Tiunikilane project, which showed some of the problems that adolescent youth living with HIV go through and how it affects their life and their relationships with others.


In between the showcases of the Dreamers’ projects were performances by poets Menes La Plume, Phindu Banda, and Nyocase, and singer-songwriter Anne Quinn. Menes La Plume performed three gripping poems that talked about love, life, and the trauma that comes with living in a war-torn country and having to flee. Phindu Banda also shared poetry that expressed the struggle that women face day to day and the pride they should take in being who they are.  Nyocase performed a musical spoken word piece that talked about her experience in life and how the feelings we get at certain times can shape us into who we are. Finally, the evening closed out with Anne Quinn who sang a few songs from her collection about different issues and celebrating being alive.

Throughout the night, the Dreamers had various displays about their projects around the office. Baller Kunthanzi showcased a makeshift football that their project beneficiaries had made, while Mawu Athu had a mural up made from old cassette tapes that expressed music and its effect on us. A special section was dedicated to an up-and-coming visual artist Cindy, who showcased the various challenges that a Malawian woman goes through in her paintings.

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