The MASA Squads take Lilongwe!

The MASA Squads made the journey up to Lilongwe at the end of March to show off all the different things they have done over the last few months in collaboration and conversation with our friends at UCLA.

Both the Chancellor College Squad and the Domasi College Squad represented and shared some of the performances they created. The Chanco Squad performed a drama that showed how young women at the college are sometimes propositioned by the professors in exchange for good grades, something they call “sexually transmitted grades.”

After presenting the scenario, of a young woman who was propositioned, who then went to her friend for advice, then her boyfriend who became enraged, the action stopped and the audience was invited into the conversation. Having the audience participate and share out how they would act in that situation is a key part of the participatory arts approach that MASA uses, and it was exciting to show how we use this technique.

Another highlight of the evening was the Domasi Squad performing a song that they had written, called “These Are Nothing But Lies,” which you can see here:

We closed out the event hearing from Weston and Adorah, two Squad members, as they spoke about the impact that being a part of the MASA Squads had on them. Weston shared about how he was impressed by how his fellow students absorbed the information about sexual harassment so quickly and were ready to intervene. Adorah talked about how MASA encouraged her to continue pursuing her education and to become a role model for other girls in her village, where the pressure to marry and give birth by 18 is especially high.

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